Leanne Lieberman
(A Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Teens, etc) 

Is there any room in Orthodox Judaism for a distinctly unorthodox Jewish teenager? Ellie Gold has always embraced her faith- at least until she meets Lindsay. Faced with denying her sexuality or abandoning her community, Ellie looks to her mother, sister and grandmother to guide her, but in the end, her decisions are all her own. 


"Lieberman's confidence is impressive. 
She is in complete command of her material. 
Her work is like origami, 
in which meanings gently unfold."
"This work feels organic, integrated and unstudied."
-The Globe and Mail

"Lieberman writes her protagonist seamlessly, 
in a first-person voice that is so raw and awkward
 and confessional that it's hard to imagine it isn't a memoir, let alone fiction."
-The Forward

“Lieberman made the Golds - including Ellie’s rakish, non-observant bubbie - a family your glad to know.”
-The Vancouver Sun

"A must read."
-Profile Magazine

“Heartfelt—a must for Jewish and GLBT collections.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“Any teenager, particularly girls whose family life centres on religion of any sort will connect with Ellie's story. 
Highly Recommended.”  
-Canadian Materials.

“Ellie’s strong first-person narration, authentic in its wondering, carries the day as she struggles to fit this new piece of herself into a religion that doesn’t accept who she is at her core.”

“Gravity is a compelling, well-written story that gets Ellie set on the right path, but offers few clues as to what her future will hold. It leaves readers wanting more – and, rightly so, leaves them to draw their own conclusions about whether orthodoxy and homosexuality can coexist.” 

-The Jewish Independent

In the words of Kit Pearson, one of the judges, Leanne’s novel, Gravity, is:
“a daring and honest exploration of a young girl both coming out as a lesbian and sorting out her spiritual beliefs. The writing is smooth and rich in detail, 
the dialogue is zesty, the plot suspenseful and 
all the characters are well-rounded. ”